Good health starts early.

Kids love acupuncture, heal faster and generally need far less treatments than adults. Though it is preferable to use needles (we call them "taps" for children) there are many ways to perform the treatment without needles. Imbalances in children and early teens that are commonly treated with acupuncture include: ear, nose, and throat infections, allergies, asthma, low immune function, ADHD/ADD, skin conditions, digestive disorders, and sleep/nighttime issues. 

Read more about preparing your child for acupuncture.


Kids Packages

Kids Acute Relief 

Fast relief for infections and injuries. A total of 3 visits in 2 weeks.

Savings $50 / Includes Initial Visit

Please call your doctor if the fever meets or exceeds:

Baby 0 - 3 months: 100.4 degrees F
3-12 months of age: 102.2 degrees F
12 months or older: 105 degrees F

Kids Chronic Relief 

Help heal internal balances children were born with or have inherited over time.
A total of 10 treatments over 3 months with a detailed treatment schedule.

Savings $100 / Includes Initial Visit