Experience radiant health, inside and out.

( And the peace of mind that you're saving 15-20% on per-visit fees! )

Your joy in life is directly related to how you feel!  Acupuncture was originally used to keep you in perfect health rather than to help you overcome an imbalance or dis-ease.  In honor of this tradition and in rhythm with acupuncture’s ability to re-balance, these packages are for people who value their health, and want to do everything they can to support their optimal well-being and ultimate happiness.  



Radiant Health Packages

Radiant Health Club — $74/month

Come in once a month for a year and use this treatment as preventive medicine, as maintenance, for pleasure, or for any kind of imbalance or injury. The end result = Energy, Vitality and Radiance!

Duration: One year, twelve Comprehensive 60-minute treatments.  Join Today!    
$180 Savings/Does not include Initial Visit

best of both worlds — 5 visits

Experience all that Red Lotus has to offer with treatments from both Jenni and Tia.
The package includes 5 treatments: 1 x Five Element Extensive Initial Visit with Tia (90 minutes) ; 2 x Comprehensive Follow-up Visits with Tia (80 minutes): 2 x Comprehensive Follow-up Visits with Jenni (60 minutes) 
ALSO includes: 
1 x Flower Essence Consult and Custom Remedy with Tia, 1 x Acu-Tonics Tuning Fork Healing session with Jenni, Plant Spirit Healing energy work woven into all Tia’s sessions.

Duration: 2 months, Five Treatments. $450
$95 Savings/Includes Initial Visit

One Month to Happiness — 4-visits

This is a basic package that is a useful protocol to treat any condition, or just simply feel better. With 4 visits in 1 month, it's designed to give you the benefit of consistency and maximum results, all at a significantly reduced cost.

Duration: One month, four Comprehensive 60-minute treatments.  $364
$40 Savings/Includes Initial Visit

Aloha Package  — 3-visits

Get started on the path to better health and wellness.

Three Comprehensive 60-minute treatments.  $249
$18 Savings/Does not include Initial Visit

Ola  Package— 6-visits

Ola means Life, Health, and Well-Being.  Give yourself the gift of Ola.

Six Comprehensive 60-minute treatments. $480
$45 Savings/Does not include Initial Visit

BLISS  Package— 4-visits

Get Blissed. Four 90-minute acupuncture sessions with tuning forks, cupping, hot stones, guasha, oils, moxa and more.

Four Comprehensive 90-minute treatments. $432
$68 Savings/Does not include Initial Visit