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Acupuncture is a therapy, which means that frequency and consistency are important to achieve the necessary changes in your body, and bring about desired outcomes. Typically, the most effective treatment plans start out with visits scheduled close together. Then, as the body begins to assimilate the new message, treatments become less frequent. It's important to keep in mind that although change happens gradually, results and relief can usually be felt instantly. If you don't see a package that fits your needs, please get in touch with Jenni. She'll be happy to customize a plan that's right for you. 



“I have applied my 15+ years of experience, thousands of client encounters, and knowledge of industry standards to design treatment protocols that I feel are going to have the most positive impact on your health, in a realistic timeline, with lasting results.”  — Jenni Lund, L.Ac.

Recover from Pain

Living with any kind of pain, whether acute or chronic, can be debilitating.  Pain depletes your life force and drains your joy. Acupuncture helps to stop the cycle of pain, allowing you to heal while simultaneously rebalancing your system from the inside out.  Enhance your sense of well-being and experience the energetic joy of being pain-free!

Quick Relief Package 

Suggested protocol for any type of acute pain or injury. A total of 10 treatments over 3 months with detailed appointment schedule.
$101 Savings/Includes Initial Visit

Chronic Relief Package

Suggested protocol for any type of chronic pain or injury. A total of 12 treatments over 6 months with a detailed treatment schedule.

$156 Savings/Includes Initial Visit

Staying Pain Free

Now that you’ve invested in feeling amazing, you will want to stay that way. Think of these as booster treatments for maximum well-being. Talk with Jenni and choose the frequency that is right for you from any of the Radiant Health Packages


Respiratory Packages

Allergies and asthma take some time (several months to a year) to unwind from the patterns your body has become ‘uncomfortably comfortable’ with. With the introduction of acupuncture we are re-directing these patterns so your body can begin to heal. Though it may take time to recover completely, the benefits from the treatments can be felt almost immediately. Rebalance your respiratory system and begin to enjoy the simple pleasure of breathing with freedom and ease!

Breathe Free Package 

Recover from asthma and allergies and begin to breathe with ease. A total of 12 treatments over 6 months with a detailed treatment schedule.

$156 Savings / Includes Initial Visit

Inhale, Exhale, Smile

Now that you are feeling better, use these treatments to fine-tune and maintain your body as it adjusts to every season and continues to heal.

Follow-up treatment recommendation:  The “Radiant Health” Club.


Women's Balance

Would you love to bounce out of bed feeling vibrant and alive? Women’s hormones are a complex system that are affected by our age, lifestyle, food, levels of stress, DNA, thoughts, sleep patterns, exercise levels, and relationships. For women ages 15-70+ these packages provide treatment for any hormonal imbalance including menopause, PMS, irregular cycles, migraines, difficulty conceiving, fatigue, moods, and support during IVF.

Vibrant Woman Package 

90-Days to energy and balance! This is the initial protocol for rebalancing any hormone problem. A total of 10 treatments over 3 months with a detailed treatment schedule.

$101 Savings / Includes Initial Visit

Staying Vibrant!

Keep yourself feeling balanced and give your body an entire year to stay on track and heal.

Follow-up treatment recommendation:  Radiant Health Club Package.  Special 9-month offer for those who've completed the Vibrant Woman. 


Cancer Recovery

       Acupuncture is used in conjunction with traditional western medicine cancer treatments to help with counteracting the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation; nausea and vomiting; cancer and treatment-related pain; peripheral neuropathy; hot flashes; fatigue; stress management and healing after surgery.

Cancer Support Package

Based on advanced training from the renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX, Jenni will provide you with realistic expectations and a personalized protocol based on your  needs.

Available upon request



Appointments and Monthly Auto-Withdraw for Relief Packages must be coordinated directly with Jenni.
Contact her at 808-217-7853 or jenni@redlotushealth.com. 
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